Graduate Opportunities & Apprenticeships

  • R&D

    Provide customers with professional technical consultation, product selection, design and manufacture, installation and commissioning and other product services, provide targeted system solutions to help users solve various practical problems.


    The company has strong technical strength, standardized management mechanism, strict quality control and advanced production technology. Now it has dozens of advanced imported machining centers, high-precision CNC machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, general vehicles and other manufacturing equipment, as well as all kinds of sophisticated testing. Instruments and equipment.


    Our company purchased a digital torque test bench to accurately test the output torque of the drive.
    The drive unit provides a measured output torque meter for the entire operating process.


    At present, the company mainly produces pneumatic actuators, pneumatic valves, pneumatic regulating valves, electric actuators, hydraulic actuators, intelligent regulating valves and other automatic control valve equipment.